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12 Days of Christmas Workout(s) – 2017

12 Days of Christmas Workout(s) – 2017

Motivated By Brett’s
12 Days of Christmas Workouts

Don’t let the name fool you, this workout is to be done all at once!

The following 3 Workouts are performed just like the song,

1st exercise


2nd exercise, 1st exercise


3rd exercise, 2nd exercise, 1st exercise


The 12th day/round is the only round that will include all 12 exercises.

Got it?

Trust me, sing the song and you will understand!

I have created 3 versions below, each for a different fitness level.

Choose your “12 Days of Christmas Workout” and enjoy a good holiday SWEAT.

Don’t forget, those who skip the workout get put on the NAUGHTY LIST!


Version 1 – Beginner / Novice Fitness level

1x  15-Second Wall-Sit

2x  Squats

3x  Knee Pushups

4x  Walking Lunges (total)

5x  Full Sit-ups

6x  Glute Bridges

7x  Calf Raises

8x  Step ups

9x  Tricep Dips

10x Jumping Jacks

11x Supermans

12x 400m (1/4 mile) Walk


Version 2- ADVANCED Fitness LEVEL

(Suggested weight or box height for Male/Female in Parenthesis)

1x 30-Second Plank

2x Burpees

3x Push-ups

4x Bodyweight Squats

5x Box Jumps (16”/12”)

6x Dumbbell Clean and Presses (Ground shoulder to Overhead)  (25/15)

7x Full Sit Ups

8x Walking Lunge Steps

9x Kettle-Bell Swings (35/25)

10x Alternating Step ups (24”/16”)

11x Calories on Rower

12x 400m (1/4 mile) Run


Version 3 – EXPERT Level

(Suggested weight or box height for Male/Female in Parenthesis)

1x Bar over Burpee

2x Push Press (95/65)

3x Front Squat (95 / 65)

4x Hang Clean (95 / 65)

5x Deadlift (95 / 65)

6x Box Jump (24” / 16”)

7x Toes 2 Bar

8x Hand Release Push-ups

9x Double-Unders

10x Pullups

11x Wall Balls (20 / 16)

12x 400m (1/4 mile) Run

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