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4th of July “Body Weight” Workout!

4th of July “Body Weight” Workout!

Before you turn on the grill and begin your Independence Day celebrations, with all the sunshine, swimming pools, hotdogs, hamburgers, icy cold beverages, apple pie, and fireworks that your American heart can desire, start your day off with this quick “Body Weight” workout, to show Uncle Sam how dedicated you are to staying “fit” for the Red, White, and Blue!


The rules of this workout are very simple: break the exercises and reps up anyway you need, in order to complete the workout as fast as possible!




This workout is strictly to be performed while listening to “Born In The USA” by Bruce Springsteen, “America the Beautiful” by Ray Charles, or as far as I am concerned,  basically any song from the movie “The Sandlot” will work here!


For some added motivation, I STRONGLY SUGGEST…actually… I just made it MANDATORY,  that you watch this amazingly epic speech from the movie “INDEPENDENCE DAY,” before you start, for some goosebumps and to get super hyped.  Trust me…WATCH!


Last but not least, just remember, no matter how long it takes…you must finish!




July 4th Workout

17 –  Burpees

76 –  Squats

3 – Minutes of Jumping Jacks

70 – Situps/Crunches


 Where did these numbers come from?

(17 +76 = 1776, 📜The YEAR the Declaration of Independence was signed)

(3 = 🇺🇸 Colors on our Nation’s Flag, RED, WHITE, and BLUE)

(70 = 🌭Current Coney Island Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Record held by Joey Chestnut🌭)



Have a SAFE and HAPPY Holiday!

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