Brett Eaton
Motivational Speaker &
Certified Personal Trainer
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My biggest takeaway from BE3 coaching is that flexibility can work for me now that I’ve found the right balance. I can have my routine and still be flexible when needed. Progress comes from the consistency in my lifestyle not the rigidity I had been imposing that constantly lead to quitting.


The other big change that I never thought would happen is how much I enjoy working out. It’s amazing to me how connected feeling good physically is to my mindset. All of this sparked by Brett’s suggestion of trying a 6:15am workout on the front end of my day. It might seem simple but for me it changed everything. Once I hit a couple of weeks of consistency, I started to feel addicted to the energy it gave me.


By the end of my 90 days I had lost 30 pounds and I’ve been able to continue my success and lose another 12 since completing!”

Beth D.

“I‘ve experienced a lot of different styles of coaching. All tough with no love, all love with no tough, too hands on, too hands off, and everything in between. Brett’s balance of “understanding” with tough love and his ability to read people, then shape his approach based on that intuition is something I have never seen before.


With this program, I expected to make progress with things like diet and exercise. What I didn’t expect was to find such a supportive community. I didn’t expect for my world to get so much brighter, for me to start to do things I never thought I was capable of.”

Emily B.

“Through BE3 Coaching I gave myself the opportunity to completely focus on bettering myself. In the past I was never able to stick to anything for this long and that’s why I never hit my goals. I have gotten into such a routine and a groove. I look forward to our Sunday night calls which allow me to start my week off feeling great and go to bed ready to tackle Monday.


My mentality around food has changed completely.  I don’t feel like I’m deprived or like I’m missing out. I still live my life, it just doesn’t revolve around what I am eating. My mental capacity for handling things when I’m feeling down or stressed has increased and I think this is because of my new focus on all the positive aspects of my day.  I cannot even begin to tell you how proud and accomplished I feel.


Since beginning the programming I have lost 25 pounds and still going. I have maintained a morning routine, I have gained an incredible amount of self confidence in myself, work has gotten better, my relationships have gotten better and the amount of love and friendship I have gained this year is truly amazing.  I am a completely different person than I was in December of 2018 and it just keeps getting better!”

Maddie N.

Since I started working out with him in 2014, Brett has changed how I work out. More importantly, he has changed WHY I work out. He constantly motivates me, has high expectations, and helps me set aggressive – but achievable – goals. I’ve gotten more fit, much stronger, and have a new appreciation for what my body – and mind – are capable of because of Brett’s coaching. His workouts are consistently challenging, creative, and tough. Brett’s humor, humility, and positive energy make my training days my favorite days of the week.

Ingrid S.

I came to Brett frustrated and doubtful. However, with his extensive knowledge and proficiency, as well as his encouragement and dedication, my self-doubt and self-consciousness were quickly left behind. Brett reassured me that my goal of a healthier me, was reasonable and very attainable.

As a veteran I am not unfamiliar with hard physical work, or pushing myself to my body’s limits. At least that was my belief until I started training with Brett’s routine’s. My tailored program is always changing to maximize my body’s potential. Brett’s vast knowledge of different exercises, how the body and muscles react, and how to avoid problem areas as they surface, is evident and proving its effectiveness with his coaching. Also evident, is how patient and devoted Brett is, all for which I am extremely grateful. “

Shay Z.


Brett delivered the keynote presentation at our Annual end of year Football banquet and it was awesome. This was evidenced by the personal nature of the speech. Brett hit the nail on the head as he spoke about their legacy and using challenges they are facing, like the school name change, as motivation to leave a positive lasting legacy. I loved the direction he gave to stay uncomfortable, keep working hard to get better and the final comment that their teammates are not just here and now but will remain their teammates for life. I highly recommend Brett as a Motivational Speaker and Certified Personal Trainer

Patti J.

Brett provides motivation beyond the gym as well. He is excited about helping people find their focus, purpose, and passion. When he speaks to groups, whether they are high school athletes or moms, he relates to them immediately. He is enthusiastic, honest, and genuine. Most importantly, he is a positive motivating force – whether he’s encouraging his audience to take a risk to try something new, find time in their lives for healthy choices, or helping them realize their full potential. Brett has learned how to harness his audience’s attention, and convert potential energy into tangible positive outcomes.

Ingrid S.

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