Brett Eaton
Motivational Speaker &
Certified Personal Trainer
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I have been doing small group personal training with Brett for the past three years. He’s a great trainer who knows his stuff and makes accommodations based on your fitness level. Not only have I gained strength, muscle tone and endurance, but both the group and Brett have been so much fun to be a part of. Brett continues to challenge, motivate and inspire us not only during the workouts, but also through fun group texts and videos. I owe it to Brett for getting me committed to exercising on a regular basis not because I have to, but because I enjoy it now!

Suzette M.

I started working with Brett three years ago (right before I turned 40!!!), and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever since! Without a doubt, I am in better shape now at almost 43 than I was in my 20’s!!! Brett has challenged me in ways that I never knew possible and for that I am stronger, leaner, flexible, way more toned than I’ve ever been, and I feel way more confident in my physical abilities and endurance. Brett is an amazing trainer—encouraging, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable about fitness and wellness. He continues to learn new things about the fitness and health industry and then teaches his clients what he has learned. Brett is extremely positive and motivating, and it is evident that he truly cares about his clients and their well-being. Absolutely the best trainer I have ever worked with, and no doubt I will continue to work with him for years to come!!!

Laura L.

I started training with Brett when my first born was about 6 months old. I needed some guidance on how to get rid of the lingering baby weight. He was instrumental in getting me back in shape and most importantly, feeling great! So great that with baby #2, I worked out until week 38! Here we are 3 years later! Not only does he still motivate me during our sessions but he also inspires me to incorporate his teachings into the workouts I do on my own and be the best me possible!

Crystal M.

Since I started working out with him in 2014, Brett has changed how I work out. More importantly, he has changed WHY I work out. He constantly motivates me, has high expectations, and helps me set aggressive – but achievable – goals. I’ve gotten more fit, much stronger, and have a new appreciation for what my body – and mind – are capable of because of Brett’s coaching. His workouts are consistently challenging, creative, and tough. Brett’s humor, humility, and positive energy make my training days my favorite days of the week.

Ingrid S.

I came to Brett frustrated and doubtful. However, with his extensive knowledge and proficiency, as well as his encouragement and dedication, my self-doubt and self-consciousness were quickly left behind. Brett reassured me that my goal of a healthier me, was reasonable and very attainable.

As a veteran I am not unfamiliar with hard physical work, or pushing myself to my body’s limits. At least that was my belief until I started training with Brett’s routine’s. My tailored program is always changing to maximize my body’s potential. Brett’s vast knowledge of different exercises, how the body and muscles react, and how to avoid problem areas as they surface, is evident and proving its effectiveness with his coaching. Also evident, is how patient and devoted Brett is, all for which I am extremely grateful. “

Shay Z.


Brett delivered the keynote presentation at our Annual end of year Football banquet and it was awesome. This was evidenced by the personal nature of the speech. Brett hit the nail on the head as he spoke about their legacy and using challenges they are facing, like the school name change, as motivation to leave a positive lasting legacy. I loved the direction he gave to stay uncomfortable, keep working hard to get better and the final comment that their teammates are not just here and now but will remain their teammates for life. I highly recommend Brett as a Motivational Speaker and Certified Personal Trainer

Patti J.

Brett provides motivation beyond the gym as well. He is excited about helping people find their focus, purpose, and passion. When he speaks to groups, whether they are high school athletes or moms, he relates to them immediately. He is enthusiastic, honest, and genuine. Most importantly, he is a positive motivating force – whether he’s encouraging his audience to take a risk to try something new, find time in their lives for healthy choices, or helping them realize their full potential. Brett has learned how to harness his audience’s attention, and convert potential energy into tangible positive outcomes.

Ingrid S.

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